Streamline operations with paperless invoices and automated processing.
FleetVendor—part of our FleetSMART™ suite of management technologies—eliminates paper invoices and manual data entry, and serves as a hub for all vendor-related data.

Standardize and automate processes.

Vendors electronically submit estimates and invoices with the information you specify, eliminating the complications of different forms from every vendor. Approvers can review all transactions; their approval can be instantly sent to accounts payable.

Customize invoice requirements—including VMRS codes.

FleetVendor allows you to define exactly what information you require from your vendors. You set up invoice requirements, G/L codes and more.

Make informed decisions using aggregated vendor and service data.

FleetVendor’s online platform enables analysis and reports—a valuable resource to help managers plan and budget efficiently.

Find out how FleetVendor can eliminate paper invoices for your fleet.​