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Fleet Inspection

Snider Fleet Solutions is proud to offer Fleet TRACS®, an informative tire inspection system developed and implemented by Snider that has continued to evolve over the past decade. This system is user-friendly, and provides accurate information in a format that is easy to understand. There are three reports featured:

Immediate Action:Identifies tires/wheels in need of immediate attention
Statistical Summary:One page report that summarizes the condition of your fleet
Vehicle Summary:Allows you to analyze each unit by wheel position and the condition


Benefits to using the Fleet TRACS® system:

  • Immediately identifies tire problems
  • Equipment readiness
  • Reduce costly road failures
  • Assist in driver satisfaction
  • Analyze the condition of air pressure and tread depth
  • Report card for tire program

This system is used by over 100 of our professionals in the field that inspect over 300,000 wheel positions annually. Schedule a Fleet TRACS® inspection today with our team of professionals.

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