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Rim/Wheel Refurbish

Using our specially-designed powder-coat system, we wash, shot blast, inspect, paint and cure your rims and wheels to produce a finish that looks brand new.

Snider Fleet Solutions can refurbish your rims and wheels using our specially-designed powder-coat system, applying color and baking it on to produce a finish that rivals brand new. During the reconditioning process, our highly-trained technicians inspect for signs of wear and tear that could potentially create an unsafe condition for your vehicle. Once refurbished, the rims and wheels will significantly improve the looks of your vehicle and enhance the image of your company.

Our process includes:

Rim Refurbishing Preparation and Cleaning
Rims and wheels are placed in a machine and blasted with small steel shot and abrasive grit, removing layers of built up dirt, grease, and old paint. Wheels are then inspected for safety issues before proceeding.
Rim RefurbishingPrimer
(Recommended for vehicles that travel where roads are salted in the winter months) Rims and wheels are coated with Zink primer and jelled in an oven, followed by being allowed to cool.
Rim Refurbishing Powder Paint Application
Rims and wheels are top coated with powdered paint which clings to the metal surface via an electrostatic charge. In compliance with industry standards, we coat the paint to 3 millimeters in thickness with high quality paint in your choice of colors.
Rim RefurbishingCuring and Finished Product After curing in an infrared catalyst gas oven for approximately 15 minutes, the powder transforms into a shiny, durable, permanent finish that looks like brand new.
Rim RefurbishingQuality Control
We take daily measurements including Paint Mil Thickness and MEK post cure adhesion checks to ensure we produce a high quality product for your fleet.

Call any Snider location to get pricing and details on this process, or go to our Request Information page and fill out the form for us to contact you with details.

Download our Wheel Finish Condition Guide.

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