Throughout the life of a casing, Snider Fleet Solutions provides the highest quality retreading service available using state-of-the-art techniques and materials. We follow Michelin`s MRT® retread process to obtain the maximum service life from every tire that comes through our door. MRT® is a leader in retread technology and offers a variety of treads designed to meet the expansive needs of our customers. And Snider`s retread products carry the same warranty as our new products - for a fraction of the cost!


"Going Green" before it became fashionable, retreading offers an environmentally-friendly approach to conserving natural resources, as well as reducing costs associated with new tire replacement. Approximately 15 gallons of oil is saved every time a tire is retreaded. With the millions of tires retreaded per year, the process is responsible for saving hundreds of millions of gallons of oil worldwide.

Let us serve all your retread tire needs!

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