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TRIB Debunks Rubber-on-the-Road Myth


"This is one myth about retreaded tires that continues to persist despite mountains of evidence otherwise" said TRIB Managing Director David Stevens. "Whenever people see rubber fragments on the side of the road, they often assume it has come from a retreaded tire. However, there have been numerous State and Federal studies that have shown that rubber on our roads is primarily created by tires that fail from being run underinflated or overloaded, or that have run over some type of road hazard, or have some other improper maintenance or operational issue. These issues affect both new and retreaded tires equally and have nothing to do with the manufacturing or retreading process."

"TIA is happy to support TRIB on this important industry video," remarked Ken Brown, TIA President. "The motoring public needs to know the facts about rubber on the road and this video will definitely help change some opinions and educate people on the value of retreaded tires."

Stevens also encouraged companies in the retread and repair industries to provide links to the video on their websites using the following links:


TRIB Video Site:!rubber-on-the-road-video/c1jp3

About TRIB:

TRIB is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(6) industry association founded in 1974 whose goal is to provide the motoring public (both in the private and public sectors) with the most up-to-date information about the economic and environmental benefits of tire retreading and tire repairing. For more information, visit or call 703-533-7677.

About TIA: 

The Tire Industry Association, with a 90-year history representing all segments of the national and international tire industry, is the leading advocate, as well as, instructor in technical training of tire service technicians. For more information, visit or call 800-876-8372.

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