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Snider adds Used Trucks as another Fleet Solution


In April 2014 Snider Fleet Solutions opened their first used truck sales location in Gastonia, NC, with several more planned to open in key markets over the next year.  These sites will be incorporated into some of our current truck service and tire sales/service locations in order to better serve owner operators, small fleets and companies that hire or contract with owner operators.  We will also look to become a key medium-duty used truck supplier providing box trucks, flatbeds and dump trucks to businesses and individuals looking for reconditioned ready to work vehicles.  Our goal is to save our truck customers time, money and aggravation when it comes to the purchase and maintenance of trucks as they use these trucks to serve their own customers.  We look forward to meeting and providing our used truck buyers with trucks that are work-ready, and then continue to service the trucks to meet their needs and expectations.

For more information, contact Mark Rollison at 1-800-528-2840.

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